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Planting and Moving

If the weather has already turned, you can begin to move and plant shrubs and trees, getting them a head start for the spring! 


Evergreen Hedges should be trimmed ready for the winter and late-summer flowering shrubs to be pruned. 

Pests and Diseases

Good garden hygiene helps to prevent disease, so it is vital to throw out or destroy affected leaves. Do not compost them or leave them lying, as this could spread the disease.

honey-fungusHoney fungus fruiting bodies will begin to appear in late September and early October, indicating possible areas of infection. However, there are many harmless fungi that appear at this time, so don’t be overly alarmed.

Saprophytic fungi (i.e. living entirely on dead matter) pose no threat to living garden plants. Honey fungus may be more common in areas of woody planting, whereas harmless fungi often pop up in areas of damp lawn, for example.

Powdery mildew can still be troublesome in warm, dry, Indian summer weather. Unless it is severe, it will probably clear up once the rains arrive.

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