Autumn Is Here…

Planting and Moving 

October is the best time of year for moving and planting shrubs, tress and even hedges.


4050382839_e174e3cf04_bDeciduous hedging should be trimmed now to keep it looking tidy over the winter. Shrubs normally pruned hard in the spring such as Buddleja davidii, Cornus alba, and Lavatera, can be cut back by half now, to prevent wind rock and to neaten their appearance.

Pests and Diseases

Garden hygiene helps prevent pests and disease being carried over from one year to the next. Rake up and destroy – do not compost – any affected leaves. Diseases such as black spot on roses, leaf blight on quince, and scab on apples and pears can all be partially controlled in this way.

Honey fungus toadstools begin to appear in late September and early October, indicating possible areas of infection. However, there are also many harmless, saprophytic fungi appearing at this time of year, living purely on dead material and pose no threat to garden plants. If the plants look healthy, then there is unlikely to be cause for concern.

Watch out for fungal diseases such as grey mould (Botrytis) or powdery mildew. Although less common on shrubs than on herbaceous plants, they may still cause problems when the weather is conducive.

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