Summer Is Here…

Pruning tom-southern-magnolia-flickr-credit_momentsforzen-445x445

Prune deciduous magnolias once the plant is in full leaf. If this is done in winter, when the tree is dormant, dieback can occur, and pruning in late winter or spring can result in bleeding. Midsummer is therefore recommended. You can also continue to trim Evergreen Hedges throughout June. 

Thin out new shoots on trees and shrubs that were pruned in winter to stimulate growth, remove crossing stems and prevent overcrowding of new growth. Prune wall-trained pyracanthas, removing any shoots coming out from the wall, and shortening other new growth. 

Ensure newly planted trees and shrubs do not dry out. Water with rain, grey or recycled water wherever possible.

Pests and Diseases 

Check roses for signs of blackspot, aphids and leaf-rolling sawfly damage. Viburnum beetle grubs start nibbling holes in the leaves, giving plants a tattered appearance. 

ukslb_pd00061_0Phytophthora root rots can cause die back on mature trees and shrubs. Wet winter weather followed by a hot spring and summer can encourage this problem on susceptible woody plants. Inspect sick looking box and holly trees for signs of blight.

Caterpillars, aphids and other fly pests can all be problematic at this time of year.


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