Its now the time to Prune June-flowering shrubs such as Philadelphus and Weigela after flowering. Fast-growing hedges such as Leyland cypress should be clipped as wsy0078805_4538necessary throughout the growing season.

Look out for tall, flowering stalks on established bamboos and remove them promptly. Flowering can weaken the plants, as well as being unsightly.

Ensure newly planted trees and shrubs do not dry out. They often need much more water than people imagine

Pests and Diseases

brown-foliage-on-thujaBrown patches on conifers may indicate an earlier infestation by the cypress aphids. Telltale signs include black sooty mould along the stems and shed skin cases. Spraying earlier in the summer may have helped, but once damage is done, conifers can take a long time to recover.

Thickened and curled margins on bay trees (Laurus nobilis) are a sign of damage by the bay sucker. Scale insects can also affect bays at this time of year.

Yellow and distorted leaves on cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) indicate a powdery mildew problem, you may also notice damage to leaves of Viburnum by viburnum beetles.

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