Conservation Areas & Tree Preservation Orders


The law requires that anyone proposing to cut down or carry out any work on any tree, with a stem diameter of more than 75 mm, when measured at 1.5 metres height above ground level, in a conservation area must give the council six weeks notice of their intentions. Work may only be undertaken either when permission has been given or the six weeks has expired. The Landowner & Company can face unlimited penalties for disregarding this law.


A TPO is a planning control protecting trees that are seen as making a significant contribution to the amenity of the local landscape. TPOs are there to protect trees which are visually prominent, but other aspects such as wildlife value, rarity or cultural significance would also be taken into account when placing a preservation order. 


If a protected tree is dead or a has become a serious safety risk to the public, then your local planning authority can on special circumstances grant exemption orders. This means that they can grant permission for works to begin much sooner, providing they have been informed of the intended works at least 5 days before works are to commence. This is so that the local tree officer can make a site visit to inspect the tree and agree that the work is urgently required. They will then provide us with an exemption in writing. This will usually also include some conditions such as a replacement tree being required, species of the new tree and placement. 

If you are unsure if your property is affected by any Conservation or TPO’s, you can contact your local tree officer to find out. Alternatively, give us a call and we would be happy to make any enquiries on your behalf. 

We understand planning applications can be quite daunting. At Dickinson Tree Company, we can liaise with your local authority on your behalf. We can submit and manage all applications for tree work free of charge, with acceptance of our written quotation.