Daffodils & Flowering Trees Start To Bloom..

Planting & Moving 

imageIn colder regions it is still OK to move and plant Evergreen Trees and Shrubs. They are best moved or planted once actively growing and when there is less risk of cold


If not completed last month or before, winter-stemmed shrubs such as Salix and Cornus can still be cut back at the beginning of the month. Prune back hard all the previous year’s growth. Other shrubs that are routinely cut back hard in spring, to keep their larger or more brightly coloured juvenile foliage, can be cut back this month. You can also lightly cut back lavenders to prevent them getting too leggy and woody, plus similar species. 

Pests and Diseases 

aphid03aInspect sick looking box and holly trees for signs of blight, Bracket fungus on trees is also more visible at this time of year. Phytophthora root rots can cause die back on mature trees and shrubs. Wet winter weather and poorly drained soils are likely to encourage this problem on susceptible woody plants.

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